Nine Reasons:

Why we use WordPress
There are many content management systems on the market to build websites. Some are free and others are not. Some require you to host with them and others are self-hosted requiring you to get a web hosting account. When we build a website for a client we use WordPress for the following reasons:

1. It is well support and with 455 million WordPress sites on the internet that is a huge community to support it.
2, It has 62% market share of the CMS websites that are on the internet.

Here are some other reasons we prefer to build with WordPress for our clients.

Open-Source & Free is for self-hosted WordPress installations. By using this version, atcomHost takes advantage of this to use advanced plugins not available on the free tier.
Note: not everything is free and depending on what plugins or themes you are using there may be a cost involved.

Can Build any type of website

Even though when WordPress was created it was mainly for Blog type websites, it is now used for various types of websites depending on your requirements for a website as well as your developer’s imagination. WordPress can handle the functionality of eCommerce websites, business directories, or even real estate websites.
This means that we can build a highly customised website just for your business.

Not stuck to one media type

Modern websites have a variety of media types used from audio through to video, documents and images. With the move toward SVG images, WordPress can use these as well as some other modern image formats like WebP.

Easy to manage

WordPress is integrated with an automatic updater for security purposes. atcomHost also ensures that your plugins and theme are updated as these can also be a source of security issues.
As we manage many websites the ease of which we can update them is of importance, so we can ensure your site is running well after the updates.

SEO Friendly

On the technical side, WordPress Core is written using standard, compliant high-quality code which produces semantic markup. This ensures that WordPress sites rank higher than other in search engines like Google and Bing.
By using WordPress in conjunction with an SEO plugin we can help you SEO be better.


Whether you have a web site for a resort that needs to send out email campaigns or  need to have online payment system, WordPress integrates with many 3rd party platforms.
There are plugins and integrations for just about any kind of function you could want to add to your site.


Although WordPress has been developed with security in mind, you still need to consider what plugins and theme you are running on the website.
By using recommended plugins and themes that have a good record for security your site can run a secure site.

All Types Of Business Use It

Some of the world’s most well-known brands with millions of page views per day are powered by WordPress.
From Educational Institutions like Curtin University of Technology   through to Media Companies like The Walt Disney Company  There is no platform that has as diverse usage.

Easy to use

As this is for YOUR business website, content updating is important. WordPress is easy to use and therefore easy to update.
With the WP Mobile app you can update content, keep track of your statistics and comments.

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